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Our products help farmers improve yield, food quality and reduce the ecological footprint of their activity. Our products are made from ‘7-Layer’ polymer films with high tensile strength and durability which enable them to be used in every season. Our products have enhanced optical properties give way to vegetable and fruits to be grown in any season.


Insect Nets

Product Application: Top and side cover for net houses, greenhouses, tunnels


  1. Keeps insects away, thus reducing the need for pesticides
  2. Acts as wind/ rain breaker giving partial protection to plants
  3. Creates a ventilated microclimate in the cultivation area
  4. Wide width gives increased strength and aesthetic appearance

Hail Nets

Product Application: Hail and bird cover for fruit orchards


  1. Prevents hail and bird damage of crops
  2. Lightweight and high strength (leno weaving)
  3. Creates a windbreak for plants

Skirting Fabric

Product Application: Used as greenhouse lower side cover and crop cover


  1. Extra strength makes it hail and tear resistant
  2. Superior performance and long life
  3. Can be sewn to an insect net and fitted with eyelets

Woven Pond Liners

Product Application: Lining water reservoirs like ponds, tanks and channels


  1. Excellent mechanical properties with extraordinary strength
  2. Excellent hydrostatic and puncture resistance
  3. Product warranty – 6 years exposed, and 12 years buried
  4. Excellent flexibility enables easy handling
  5. No hazardous materials used in the entire construction
  6. GRI-GM30 compliant product

Ground Cover

Product Application: Used to cover the ground


  1. Prevents weed growth and reduces the need for herbicide
  2. Enhances moisture conservation
  3. Reduces soil and nutrient erosion
  4. Creates better microclimate in the root region

Shade Nets

Product Application: Knitted nets for providing shade cover to crops


  1. Light (shade) and temperature control
  2. Creates partial windbreak effect
  3. UV stabilised for long durability
  4. Resistant to sulphur and chlorine
  5. Lightweight and easy to install

Special purpose twines

Product Application: Used as greenhouse lower side cover and crop cover


  1. Extra strength makes it hail and tear resistant
  2. Superior performance and long life
  3. Can be sewn to an insect net and fitted with eyelets

FILMS (3/ 5/ 7 layers)

Greenhouse 7-Layer Films

Product Application: Cladding material for greenhouses,


  1. Enables protected cultivation under controlled environment
  2. High penetration of PAR light, enhances growth & yield
  3. Long term durability – enough to use several seasons
  4. Superior mechanical & optical properties
  5. Resistant to harmful pesticides containing sulphur and chlorine
  6. Different types to suit different climatic conditions

Silo Bags

Product appliance : agricultural commodities like grains, silage etc


  1. In-house automatic folding machine – can fold bags of 60m, 75m, 120m etc.
  2. Barrier resistance and superior tear and puncture resistance
  3. Maintains optimal temperature for fermentation
    of the silage product
  4. Minimises loss of nutrients in the conservation
  5. Hermetic seal prevents proliferation of aerobic bacteria,
    mould, and insects

Silage Sheets

Product Application: Cover for silage storage


  1. Up to 7-layer film and a wide width of up to 12m
  2. Superior tear and puncture resistance
  3. Outstanding oxygen barrier qualities
  4. Thick, strong, and resilient to environmental conditions
  5. Soft and flexible – fits better on silo and reduces air pockets

Hermetic Liners and Bags

Product Application: Used for specialised high-quality packaging requirements


  1. Curtails moisture and gas transmission
  2. Prevents external contamination of hydrocarbon nature
  3. Extends shelf life
  4. Reduces the need for preservatives
  5. Preserves quality during transport


Product Application: Covers soil over which plants are grown


  1. Clean, quality vegetables and fruit production
  2. Controls weeds, reduces labour
  3. Optimum use of water and fertilizer
  4. Provides ideal microclimate
  5. Soil becomes less compact – more aeration

Solarization Film

Product Application: Solarization/fumigation


  1. Disease and nematode control
  2. Weed control
  3. Increased plant growth


Agri-Crop Covers/Thermal Fleece Fabric

Product Application:Protecting crops from insects, wind, rain, frost or extensive exposure to sunlight


  1. Capturing & retaining heat
  2. Protecting crops from being damaged by frost
  3. Reducing occurrences of aphids
  4. Protection against root maggots and flea beetles
  5. Helps to deter birds and animal

Non-Woven Weed Barrier/Landscaping Fabric

Product Application:Used for landscaping in backyards and to protect plants against weed growth


  1. Provides stability to the soil
  2. Stops weeds from growing through cracks
  3. Prevents insects from displacing sand underneath hardscapes
  4. Great for landscaping of gardens with rocks
  5. Fabric can also be hydrophilic treated