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Orchard Covers – Ideal Fruit Protection Fabric

The fruit farmers often find it quite difficult to protect the fruits from being damaged. As a result of which the profit margin is significantly as the farmers have to face loss of fruits that are damaged by hail, bird and other elements. This is exactly the reason as to why the fruit farmers are looking forward to something that would be efficient as well as effective in protecting the fruits from being damaged. It is in this situation that the orchard cover comes to the rescue of the fruit farmers.

We at Green Pro is a leading manufacturer of the orchard covers which are just perfect for the protection of the fruits. These covers have been manufactured with the aim of increasing the season of fruits along with adequate protection from any kinds of unfavourable events such as rain, hail and others. For this reason, we have manufactured premium quality covers for the orchards. We make use of woven HDPE fabric for manufacturing orchard covers which is laminated so as to make sure that water or any other liquid is not able to pass through them thereby ensuring the protection of the fruits.

How the Orchard Cover Helps to Protect the Fruits?

The orchard covers possess supreme mechanical strength and very high tear resistant ability as compared to other similar products. The effectivity of the orchard covers is what makes them the most preferred choice of the fruit farmers. In an addition to this, these covers allows appropriate diffusion of light which in turn is helpful for thermal excursions thereby allowing a completely balanced temperature for the fruits. The covers play a vital role in allowing a steady and regular growth of the fruits along with proper colour as well as ripening.

The protection fabric from Green Pro has strengthened areas particularly on the side selvages which ensures an extremely secure installation to all the supporting structures. Moreover, the fabric allows the orchard covers to be installed very easily and conveniently on low cost constructions made out of poles, zinc wires, steel cables and similar others. These covers are just perfectly suitable for cultivating and protecting fruits such as pomegranates, grapes, cherries and many more.

Characteristics of Orchard Covers

  • Extremely good mechanical properties
  • Tear resistant
  • Provides very high diffusion of light
  • The covers are ultra violet stabilised
  • Offers good transmission of light
  • The covers have special support at the centre as well as the edges
  • Comes with eyelets at the centre and on the edges

Benefits of Orchard Covers

  • The orchard covers with special support and eyelets on the edges as well as centre for quick installation
  • Presence of special reinforcements for enhancing the strength of the cover
  • Does not allow dust into the fabric and maintains sufficient transmission of light because of coats on both the sides
  • The covers are protected from ultra violet rays of the sun and hence offers solar resistance
  • Does not allow rain water to enter and hence prevents the fruits from being damaged, discoloured or breakage
  • Helps in the production of sufficient amount of diffused light for the prevention of excess heat thereby helping in the improvement of the colour as well as quality of the fruits
  • Helps in the maintenance of sufficient transmission of light for a longer duration
  • Waterproof in nature
  • Prevents the entry of bacteria and fungi

Why Orchard Covers from Green Pro?

GreenPro is a leading manufacturer of orchard covers strictly adhering to all the quality standards and hence the most preferred choice of the users. Opting for the orchard covers from GreenPro makes sure that they are of the premium quality and effectively serves their purpose of protecting the fruits in the orchards.

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