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How Mulch Films Can Help Improve Yield?

Mulch films is a specialised type of covering that helps in the formation of a protective layer around the growing plant. The process is referred to as mulching which involves covering of the soil to make it more favourable for the plants to grow and develop appropriately. The use of mulch films is quite beneficial for the health of the plants and plays a significant role in the improvement of yield to a great extent. Let is delve a bit deeper into the topic to understand how these films can help in the improvement of plant yield.

Conserves Water and Holds Moisture of the Soil

The mulch films are quite effective in conserving water by prevention of direct evaporation of water from the soil which is beneficial for growth of plants and at the same time, the plants require less watering. At the time when mulch films are used, they are able to prevent the water or moisture in the soil from evaporating, thereby helping to maintain the moisture in the soil for a longer period of time. This, in turn, helps in the preservation of root zone of the plants at a constant level of humidity which promotes better yield.

Controlling Weeds

The mulch films play a vital role in effectively suppressing the growth of weeds which is immensely beneficial for bringing about an improvement of plant yield.

Development of Roots

The mulch films help in the creation of a micro climate near the root zone of the plants which in turn is vital for white root development of the plants on the upper surface of the soil.

Improvement of Quality

The use of mulch films helps in the prevention of direct contact between the soil and flower, fruit, along with other parts of the plants, thereby bringing about an improvement of yield quality to a great extent.

Controlling of Pests

The mulch films help in reflecting light. This, in turn, makes it easier to control pests such as thrips, aphids, nematode, and a number of others. Efficient and effective controlling of pests plays a significant role in improving yield.

Controls the Level of Salinity

When the mulch films are used, the salinity level is less around the dripper. Appropriate controlling of the salinity level readily improves the yield as well as the overall quality of plants.

Acts as Heat and Cold Insulator

The mulch films act as a heat and cold insulator. In the winter season, these films help in preventing the soil from freezing rapidly, and in the summer season, the films help in controlling the temperature of soil.

Prevents Soil Erosion

The mulch films act as a barrier between the soil and drops of rain, thereby playing a crucial role in slowing down the process of erosion of soil to a significant extent.

Now, it can be very clearly understood as to how the mulch films help in the improvement of yield of plants.

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