Hermetic Bags

7 layer films. Our bags are airtight and water-resistant, thus helps to create a modified atmosphere inside the bag. It stops insect infestation and inhibits the growth of fungal contaminants without affecting the aroma, color, and freshness and also preserves the germination rate of stored seeds. GreenPro hermetic bags are used as an inner liner for jute bags or ordinary sacks to preserve agricultural commodities without the need for chemical fumigants.

Hermetic FIBC Liner

GreenPro FIBC liners solution for the safe and protected
transport of dry agricultural commodities. It is an ideal FIBC for preventing grain or seed damage due to condensation and insect infestation while in transit. It comes with a liner and the outer bag, as well as a downspout at the bottom that allows the easy discharge of grains.

Hermetic Container Liner

Greenpro 7 layer hermetic container liners are specially designed to protect and preserve the quality of dry agricultural commodities transported in the shipping containers.