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Biofloc Liner For Fish Farming Applications

Fish farming is a challenging process that needs to ensure a good supply of freshwater and the soil that has excellent water-retention qualities. Soft or hard water of acceptable quality is the preferred water source for raising freshwater high density fish farming. Yet, in spite of these features many a times grow out fish ponds fails to deliver quality yield. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the natural elements functioning against the efforts. In order to ensure quality fish farming with greater yield farmers often shift to temporary structure of portable fish tanks. This solution even though provides them with temporary relief from the challenges of natural havoc, but does not provide them with necessary yield farmers are looking for. One of the biggest reason behind this is the quality of liner used for the make shift fish tank.

To provide a perfect resolution to the challenge of fish farming in fish tanks, Greenpro brings to you the next generation of Biofloc liners. That not only provides the perfect solution to your fish tank requirements, but also ensure quality yield for the farmers.

Come let’s take a look at Biofloc liners brought you by Greenpro.

What is Biofloc Liner?

While primary function of liner is to hold water, they have different other functions, it is because of this reason liners are often made from plastics, which are usually toxic in nature. But at Green pro we bring you Biofloc liner, a non PVC material liner that can be used to set up your entire fish tank. Further, it is the ultimate solution for your portable fish tank, which ensures sound resolution to your fish farming challenges while providing you with a quality yield, which regular liners fails to provide. One of the biggest reason behind quality yield from our Biofloc liner is completely based on the non-toxic environment it creates, which is completely opposite from PVC or regular liners available in the market.

Our Choice of Material

To ensure a safe environment for fish farming and yet provide required support to generate greater yield our Biofloc liner as systematically manufactured from non-toxic biofloc material PE. The material of our Biofloc liner showcases 7 layer of composite combination which ensures perfect long lasting quality of our Biofloc liner. The highlights of the materials used in production of our biofloc liner are reflected below:

  • 7 Layer barriers Film
  • Bonding
  • HDPE woven fabric
  • Bonding
  • WPE
  • Bonding
  • 7 Layer barriers Film

These materials ensure development of a quality biofloc liner to meet your fishing requirements.

Specification of Biofloc Liner

At Greenpro we believe in ensuring transparency, which is why we believe that our customers should be thoroughly aware about the product for which they are paying for. Some of the important specifications of our Biofloc liner are reflected below.

  • Our Biofloc liner is manufactured from PE material
  • At Greenpro at the moment our Biofloc liner is only available in blue color
  • The Biofloc liners at Greenpro are available in DIA sizes: 2, 4, 6, and 8 (meters)
  • Our Biofloc liners are available in capacity of: 4000, 15000, 35000 and 62000 (litres)
  • Our Biofloc liners comes with a guarantee of 5 years

Based on these specifications you can select the ideal Biofloc liner that meets your requirements.

Features of Biofloc liner

The large scale variants of features that are our Biofloc liner provides are unparalleled in the market. It is based on our product features our customer rides the benefit of better yield and quality support when using our Biofloc liner. Some of the major features of our Biofloc liner are reflected below.

  • Manufactured from PE material our Biofloc liners are extremely environmental friendly
  • The PE material also contributes to non-toxicity of our Biofloc liners
  • At Greenpro all our Biofloc liners are quality tested thoroughly ensuring a puncture proof product for our clients
  • Each and every one of our Biofloc liner are tested through water collection process against rough weather conditions ensuring quality storage facility for water.

These features ensure that our client gets value for their money while our Biofloc liner serves their purpose, providing the farmers with a better yield.

Advantages of using Green Pro Biofloc liner

The use of our Biofloc liner can provide you with large scale advantages besides providing you with higher quality yield. Some of the biggest advantages that you can have with the usage of our Biofloc liner are reflected below.

  • It is extremely flexible and thus can be shaped into any requirement for development of fish tank
  • It is extremely light weight in nature making it extremely easy to handle
  • Keeping in mind Indian audience and our farmers, we have marketed the product at an extremely affordable price, thus making your fish farming process all the more economical
  • It non-toxic nature makes it Aqua safe ensuring better yield in your farming process
  • Our Biofloc liners are weather resistant and hence can be used in any weather condition
  • With use of blue color for development of our Biofloc liners we ensure ultra violet stabilization process in the product

These advantages makes our Biofloc liners one of a kind product that would suit your fish farming requirement, while providing you with quality yield and features that are unmatched.

Why Chose Greenpro

With 30 years of experience in the field and latest testing production process Greenpro has carefully developed the Biofloc liners, a one of a kind product. Our Biofloc liner goes through multiple testing processes against all challenges that your fish farming business faces on a daily basis. To ensure premiere quality that lasts a life time 7 layer approach has been used to develop our Biofloc liners. With great flexibility, premiere quality and affordable price Greenpro Biofloc liners is your ultimate solution to fish farming. Then what are you waiting for, order now today to change face of your fish farming business. To know more get in touch with us.

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