Anti Hail Net

Anti Hail net Unit Specification
Material NA HDPE
Colour NA Crystal leno
Shade factor % 8-12
Avg. Weight g/sq. mtr 65-70
Mesh 1 inch x 1 inch 12X10
Warp Strength kgf 35+
Weft strength kgf 35+
Hole size mm x mm 3.4X2.2
Yarn diameter mm 0.28-0.3
Yarn Density Warp cm 5
Yarn Density Weft cm 4
UV Stability KLY 700+

*All tests as per IS 16513:2016


  1. Protection against hail storms
  2. Leno weave for tighter binding
  3. UV treated for over 4 years of outdoor exposure.
  4. Anti- sulphur and anti-chlorine.